Yoshida Udon

A specialty of Fujiyoshida, Yoshida Udon is a local dish with a unique commitment, featuring the hardest noodles in Japan with soy sauce and miso broth intertwining.


Topped with sweet and savory simmered horse meat and boiled cabbage, this dish is characterized by a broth based on soy sauce and miso, where the more you chew, the more you enjoy the richness of the ingredients and broth. Please find your favorite shop from the 47 Yoshida Udon shops.


* 47 shops: The number of registrations in the “Fujiyoshida City Tourist Guide” as of 2023.


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Operating hours
As it varies depending on the shop, please check the shop details page from the shop list .
*Source of text: 'Fujiyoshida City Tourist Guide'

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