Fuji Radar Dome Museum

As a stronghold for typhoon observation, you can learn about the history of the construction of the Fuji Radar, which served the role of meteorological observation at the summit of Mount Fuji for 35 years, and about meteorological observation itself.

There is also a corner where you can experience the harsh environment of the actual summit of Mount Fuji, with temperatures as low as -8°C and wind speeds of 13m. Additionally, there is a quiz station where you can answer questions related to meteorological observation, and if you answer all the questions correctly, you can receive a certificate as a certified meteorological observer. Furthermore, from the observation space, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Fuji without any obstacles. Since it is adjacent to the Fujiyoshida Road Station, why not extend your visit a little and see for yourself?


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*Open on holidays
*Closed in August
*Year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 to 1/1)
Operating hours
9:00 ~ 17:00
Last admission
3-7-2 Araya, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0006
*Source of text: 'Fujiyoshida City Tourist Guide'

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