Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp
Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp
  • Meals

  • Meals
  • BBQ featuring fresh local ingredients

  • The plan of "Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp" with meals offers a glamping BBQ dinner featuring "Koshu Fujizakura Pork",
    a branded pork of Yamanashi, as the main dish, and seasonal limited menu which is "Mexican BBQ" for summer,
    "Italian BBQ" for spring, and "Outdoor hot pot" for winter.
    "Scrambled eggs made with fresh local eggs", bread and salad, etc. are offered for breakfast.
    We also offer simple stay plan without meals, so please choose the plan that best suits your needs.


Glamping BBQ

Please enjoy the delicate and elegant taste of "Koshu Fujizakura Pork", a branded pork that is rapidly gaining fans. The best part of glamping is the thick sliced beef with strong umami flavor. You are free to bring your own food and drinks. There is a supermarket a 10-minute drive away for convenient shopping.

  • ※1Example of daily skillet dishes

    Hot and melty cheese fondue, ratatouille full of tasty vegetables, and Ajillo with plenty of broiler thighs!


【Summer Only】Mexican BBQ

The main course for dinner is authentic tacos, which tastes aromatic and spicy in the hot summer months. You can enjoy sirloin steak, ceviche, tropical fruits, and a wide variety of other delicacies along with the overwhelming view of Mt.Shakushi.

  • ※1Authentic tacos include the following ingredients

    Tortilla, pak choi, onion, lime, tomato salsa, guacamole


【Spring only】Italian BBQ

Enjoy the experience of quick and easy cooking pasta and pizza in the mountains with fresh vegetables and carefully selected ingredients. Sirloin steak, Fujizakura pork loin, and a wide variety of seafood are also available. You can enjoy the fresh taste of Yamanashi with the overwhelming view of Mt.Shakushi.※We will provide a recipe that describes how to cook on the day of your stay, so you can try your hand at authentic Italian cuisine.

  • ※1 Ingredients for Mountain Pasta & Mountain Pizza

    Selected seafood (shrimp, scallops, clams), Italian prosciutto, assorted fresh vegetables from the Southern Alps, assorted fresh herbs, mainly arugula from Yamanashi, tomato paste, shredded cheese, olive oil, conchiglie


【Winter Only】Outdoor Hot Pot

Surrounded by the crisp air, Mt. Shakushi and the starry sky in winter are more beautiful than ever. We have launched a limited time plan with meals that tastes better the colder it is outside, which you can enjoy together with the beauty of the scenery that can only be experienced during this season. The main dish is authentic pot-au-feu with hot beef bones that warms you up, and the menu includes a wide variety of delicious and warming dishes.

  • ※1 Example of daily skillet dish

    Creamed salmon and Japanese mustard spinach, Camembert cheese fondue, Ratatouille, Scallops and small shrimp ajillo, Fujizakura pork charcuterie


The breakfast offered by "Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp" includes authentic "scrambled eggs made with fresh local eggs" which has an addictive melt-in-your-mouth texture, "freshly baked fluffy bread", "selected sausage and ham", salad, yogurt, etc.