Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp
Mt.Shakushi Gateway Camp
  • Sightseeing spots

  • Sightseeing spots
    • Suwanomori Nature Park (Fuji Pines Park)

      Perfect for a picnic! A spot to relax and enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji

      Suwanomori Nature Park, with its lush green lawn facing Mt. Fuji, is a hidden spot recommended for picnics for families and couples. In the spacious park, you can spread out a leisure sheet to enjoy a picnic lunch, spend a relaxing time or play ball games. In addition, as the name Pines Park suggested, the park is home to a cluster of large red pine trees, some of which are over 30 meters tall. Some people sit in the shade of the pine trees and read a book or take a nap in the pleasant breeze for a break from driving. It is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing time and enjoy the spectacular view of Mt.Fuji.

      Business period
      To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Pines Park and Fuji Walking Park will be closed on “Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays”. For details, please refer to theFujiyoshida City website.
      Business hours
      8:30-17:00 ※From May 15th to August 31st: 8:30-19:00 ※From September 1st to September 30th: 8:30-18:30
      Parking lot
      40 spaces: Free of charge
      【Visiting by car】 ・About 10 minutes from Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC ・About 10 minutes from Higashi-Fujigoko Road Fujiyoshida IC or about 10 minutes from Yamanakako IC 【Walking from the nearest bus stop】 ・About 6 minutes by bus from Fujikyuko Mt.Fuji Station, get off at Sengen Jinja-mae bus stop and walk about 15 minutes

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      ※Article Source:Fujiyoshida City Tourist Guide
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